Affordable and Experienced Wedding Photographers & Videographers

Twenty Ways to Get Affordable and Experienced Wedding Ceremony Photographers & Videographers in Nigeria

Based on the Knot, the average American wedding ceremony costs $31, 213. Wedding digital photography and videography account for 10% to 12% of the total, on average: $3, 121 to $3, and 746, give or take.


To be certain, numerous couples spend less for quality wedding event media. My very own wedding wasn’t bare-bones by any stretch, but we spent less than half the state average on experienced photography and videography without reducing quality. And it also goes without saying that not everyone is able to pay for a $4, 000-plus wedding media expenses.

Nevertheless, there is no way about it: Skilled-grade wedding memories are costly. If you are worrying about how you are going to pay for them, think about these ideas for getting an affordable (or at least, cheaper) experienced wedding photography and videography – and certainly spending less on your wedding party.

Tips on how to Save on Wedding Photographers & Videographers

  1. Think of a Photography/Videography Registry or Fund

You have been told of a wedding gift registry. Why not open an individual wedding media registry through which guest visitors and apologetic no-shows can chip in to your photography as well as videography expenses? Some luxurious photography and videography studios give this service directly, or you can go for DO-IT-YOURSELF direction and release a crowd funding plan on GoFundMe, Kick starter, or some other reliable system.


DIY departments or financial resources give more management over contributions. For example, you can grow the purview to add general wedding event and post-wedding payments. This is an excellent choice if an affordable honeymoon vacation is a top concern. Another reward: If guests help with your media registry or finance in place of gifts, you won’t have to spend as much energy to re-gifting, returning, or marketing unwanted gifts on the net after the big event.


  1. Tap Your Personal Networking

If you would like your official wedding ceremony pictures and video clips to look truly incredible, you don’t want to offer your job to some random guest whose top qualification is surely an above-average Instagram account. Having said that, you may know – or at least have in your prolonged network – skilled or professional beginner photographers and videographers also have the ability of creating skilled-grade material.

Based on the power of your connection, you can be able to secure a close friend or family price reduction for those services, even if they are already recognized as experts in your location. The level of this price reduction is sure to differ, but 5%and even 10% off whole price isn’t unreasonable. For example, we worked with my wife’s old classmate, who’d lately started a professional photography business together with her husband. They gave us a small discount and did not charge for a trip to and fro the wedding reception site, as was obviously normal for other jobs in their rural home town.

Qualified nonprofessionals or growing experts, like current film or graphic arts school graduates without routines of their own, may be prepared to work for even less, especially when they are able to create their own profile or meet new potential customers as a result. Just ensure that they also have adequate tools, enough help, and enough before practical experience to accomplish a big job. Just like anyone you hire, make sure to check out their previous work first.

  1. Get Many Quotes to Compare Prices and Service

While buying a car, you don’t get at the first offer you see. You review numerous offers for similar cars, weighing the relative advantages and disadvantages of each, unless you arrive at an informed final decision that you are fairly convinced you won’t regret.

The size of your wedding media investment decision might be lesser, but your decision’s benefits reverberate further into the future. Invest as long as it takes diligently researching photographers within your location and asking for quotes (if costs isn’t offered beforehand) from all who seem in-line with your general preferences and spending budget. An excellent way to jump-start the investigation process is to go to a wedding fair close to where you plan to get married. They are usually held before wedding ceremony season starts and can attract hundreds of companies (including photographers and videographers) from miles around.

Pro Tip: Husbands and wives do all kinds of things to raise cash for the wedding day. If your two-car home is short on finances as you approach the best day, think about selling the old vehicle in a private party business deal. You are basically certain to net more than you would in a trade-in or even outright purchase to a car dealership, with which your bargaining strength is limited or non-existent.



  1. Check References

Once you have simplified your options to a few finalists, carefully go through them – just as you’d operated a VIN check on a second hand car. Read online opinions, review their posted work, and look for individuals who’ve lately used their services. And do not be scared to ask them directly for references. Although checking out references alone can’t lessen the final expense of your wedding photography and videography, it can expand the chances that you, your partner, and your beloved ones are pleased with the result. In the end, you cannot do your wedding over. Paying a little bit more for wedding event media that you can definitely be proud of – and that you are more likely to see, copy, and value for many years to come -it  is an investment decision in the fond memory of what’s hopefully to be one of the most memorable days of your life.


  1. Get an Individual Use Release

Your wedding photographer as well as videographer is almost sure to maintain the copyright to your own press, which means that you cannot use your wedding photos or videos for your industrial purposes. However, a lot of photographers and videographers easily agree to individual use releases that enable customers to reproduce pictures and video clips for individual use, sharing among friends, and placing on social media. If your provider’s deal does not clearly spell this out, don’t hesitate to ask for it to be included, and think carefully about working with any kind of provider that does not go along with your own demand. A personal use release gets rid of any question about your ability to order reprints or even duplicates in the future, ideally from a lower price seller (like a drugstore) that costs much less than your own photography or even videography studio.


  1. Stick to a Lower-Priced Offer

Many wedding photographers and videographers provide basic deals with less add-ons and frills. In most cases, their standard set up handles just the shoot alone, in addition an online gallery or picture DVD.

By offering just the basic necessities and offering you the convenience to decide on how (and whether) to buy extra items, like bound photos or wall prints, the general package gives you better management over your own total photography and videography expenses, and enables you to distribute your investment decision out over a longer period of time. And bear in mind, if you do choose to buy extra prints, videos, or any other items at a later date, you can very likely to do so at a more affordable cost on the net or at a brick-and-mortar photograph shop – given  that  you have your own use release. Photography and videography package deal prices differ greatly by the provider level of quality as well as status, geography, and other aspects. Louisiana’s Love Photography is a great example of the wide difference between basic and luxurious deals. Its “Basics” package charges about $1, 000, the next-highest package deal costs just over $1, 300, and the most costly package charges nearly $3, 000.


  1. Search for Professional (But Less Established) Independents

If your wedding media’s handwork is also a remote concern, avoid the temptation to source a non-vetted beginner from Craigslist or your wedding invitees list, regardless of how tight your spending budget is. You are more likely than not to be frustrated with the results. However, it is easy to find skilled-grade job at non-professional charges. Ascendant photography and videography experts are normally prepared to work for less than what more established professional’s bill. They are usually just out of school or prepared to progress from assistant roles and start their personal independent firms. The best place to find these kinds, and confirm their qualifications, is on reliable job boards (such as Indeed or Monster) and self-employed job websites (such as Upwork).


  1. Request for an Off-Peak Discount

Many people get married on Saturdays. If you are prepared to buck the audience and arrange a weekday (Monday through Thursday) wedding ceremony, ask photographer and videographer individuals for an off-peak price cut. Depending on local customs and also the providers’ whims, it is not unreasonable to expect a 10% or 15% low cost off the final payment for a midweek shindig. Exactly the same principle is applicable to off-season wedding ceremonies in areas with greatly defined wedding periods. If you’re arranging a February wedding ceremony in Boston or Chicago, it never is uncomfortable to ask for a price reduction. However, winter wedding ceremonies are progressively famous, so don’t be amazed by a refusal. Remember that there are many other potential economical benefits to weekday and off-season wedding ceremonies too, like venue and catering discounts.

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  1. Ask for Referral Discounts or Credits

Don’t be afraid about questioning your photographer or videographer for referral discount rates or credits. Numerous experts quickly offer kickbacks – either as a discount to the last service expenses or credits for upcoming orders – to present or past clients who refer new company.

You don’t need to shill for them at the wedding ceremony, but if you know anybody who’s arranging their own wedding ceremony, why not tacitly suggest your photographer or videographer? This operates in the other way too. If friends relate you to their wedding media provider, you may acquire a discount. Discounts and credits differ by seller, area, along with other factors, but $25, $50, or even $100 isn’t outside the region of possibility.


  1. Look for Custom Packages


In the haste to get prepared for the wedding day, it is very easy to surrender to the ease of preset picture or video plans, which tell you exactly what you are getting and how much it’s going to charge. However, preset deals normally include needless services or even add-ons, and providers are not always ready to customize on the area.

To avoid spending more than you should, search for providers that give customized deals. These packages routinely have small conditions – you can choose how much time the service provider works on your wedding day and you obtain all your images in e-mail, but beyond that, the services rendered and giveaways (such as photos) are up to you. Bigger custom plans sometimes define for discount rates. For example, Atlanta-based Amanda Summerlin Photography, a top quality photography studio, hits 10% off custom packages of $3, 500 or even more, and 20% off customized packages of $4, 900 or more.


  1. Book Digital photography and Videography with the exact same Provider


Not every photography galleries offer videography services, nor the other way round. On the other hand, if you do end up selecting a service provider capable of capturing professional-grade photo and video, take a look at combined photography as well as videography packages, which will cost hundreds of dollars less than separately ordered photography and videography tasks. Philadelphia-based Bella Photos hits $300 off the videography services (normally $1, 995) when you include a photography package.


  1. Avoid nonlocal Photographers and Videographers


Except if you’re using a destination wedding ceremony in a remote location, avoid operating with nonlocal providers if possible. Out-of-area photographers and videographers often include distance or even air travel onto the price of their own services, possibly raising the final payment by hundreds of dollars. Even when your provider does not clearly add travel expenses to your last bill, they are likely created into its margins, and your total cost is hence likely to be greater than what a similar local provider would charge.


  1. Use Venue-Preferred/Recommended Providers


If you are planning your own wedding at a venue that is accustomed to hosting wedding ceremonies, ask about chosen or suggested photographers and videographers.

Some locations have a de facto referral program: The venue turns business to preferred vendors, who then provide cheaper services or unique plans. Some bigger venues even have workers photographers as well as videographers, and create their charges into the entire cost of the event. Further, such workers are likely common with the particular venue and already know the very best sites for shots.


  1. Limit Your Photographer’s and Videographer’s Hours


Some photographer and videographer deals involve a specific amount of hrs, normally four to seven. Before employing your provider and selecting your package, decide exactly just how long they need to be present. You likely want to capture high points like the walk down the aisle, the exchange of vows, the post-wedding ceremony procession, and the cake cutting, but do you want professional shots of the rehearsal supper, the new bride getting set, or the later phases of your wedding reception event? Choose your own package deal correctly, and do not be afraid to ask for adjustments. For instance, if you don’t want reception pictures or videos at all, your provider may be ready to bail right after the normal post-ceremony wedding party shots.


  1. Limit Your Photography and Videography Workers Size at Smaller Wedding ceremonies


This is not always possible with bigger or logistically complex wedding ceremonies with several capturing sites or difficult conditions. On the other hand, if you expect fewer than 75 guests at your wedding ceremony and plan a relatively traditional ceremony and wedding reception, your service provider may be willing to deliver only a lead photographer or videographer, forgoing the assistants and interns who usually help with the arrangement, shooting, and equipment ferrying at bigger occasions. Depending on the service provider, this could decrease your service expenses by a few hundred dollars.

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  1. Order Smaller, Fewer Finished Pictures


Because they are easier to frame and look better on display, larger pictures normally cost even more than wallet-size or even smaller-frame size (4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″). If you place a finished picture order with your photography studio, keep to the smaller sizes, or buy just a very small amount of bigger pictures for display in your house. Resist the temptation to deliver a large framed picture to every member of your wedding ceremony, or even auntie and uncle who got to the wedding ceremony. If you do want bigger pictures down the line, you need to use your online evidence to place an order with a discounter, or purchase from your service provider when your spending budget has recovered from the stress of the wedding ceremony.


  1. Drop the Leather Binding and Hard Pages


Wedding photo albums are costly – really expensive. When bought à la carte, bound leather photos with rigid pages can easily cost $500, and bigger sizes are usually even costly.

While it’s fine to have a large tome of wedding memory to get for your houseguests and upcoming kids, it is possible to attain the same results at a more affordable. Choose a simpler, magazine-style album along with glossy, flexible pages. The caliber of the workmanship is similar, as the durability of the paper – which is important if you are planning on giving your wedding ceremony memories with your kids and grandchildren.


  1. Don’t Buy a Proof Book


Many photographers offer proof books, which enable you to review the pictures they have taken and choose your favorites. You can then order complete pictures in the design and settings of you choosing.The catch are the fact that the proof book by itself often is not free. Expect it to charge $100 or more, based on the photographer and the total amount of proofs. Except you want to maintain the book in place of a certain album, skip it and review your evidence online (for free) instead.


  1. Crowd source Pictures & Videos from the Guest visitors to make an Album or Folio


If you want a skilled-grade memento of your wedding day, removing the photographer or videographer completely is not a practical option. Nevertheless, whatever you can do is pair a less expensive professional package and fewer post-wedding picture orders with a free or cheap crowd sourced-photo strategy. Before the wedding ceremony, either on your wedding invitations or in your wedding program, invite your guest visitors to take pictures or take video clips with their mobile phones and post to social media or even an online space (such as a Dropbox folder or Flickrgroup) you have carved out for the purpose. Ensure it is clear that they can be as inspiring as they please, so long as they don’t interrupt the support.


At your wedding reception, lengthen the same party invitation – or, in case you worry about cell phones getting lost in the shuffle, place disposable digital cameras on each table and ask patrons to position them in a designated container when the celebrations are over. The outcomes won’t win any kind of awards, but they are sure to be enjoyable – and, as time goes on, even poignant.


  1. Pay with a Money Back (or Other Rewards) Credit Card


Regardless of what your final wedding media bill shows up to, you can slightly decrease the sticker shock (and pricing carnage) by paying with a money back credit card. Although wedding photography and videography hardly fall into cards’ preferred spending groups, such as supermarket or gas purchases, they are still great for the primary earning rate. View it this way: By paying your photographer and videographer with Chase Liberty Unlimited (unlimited 1 . 5% cash back) or even Citi Double Cash Card (unlimited 2% cash back) card, you can hit the last price of a $2, 000 bill down to $1, 970 and $1, 960, respectively.


Final Word


Professional photo and video providers are not affordable. If you think The Knot, the average American couple usually spends more than $4, 000 to record their big day.

The great news is that your wedding ceremony is probably going to be the high point of your professional media-purchasing career. Even if you and your partner spring for newborn baby pictures, regular family portraits, and high school graduation pictures for your children, you won’t ever spend as much on picture and video as you do on your wedding ceremony.

What other suggestions can you recommend to handle the costs of wedding photography?


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