In our previous post, we looked at the actual conventional wedding photography form and discovered that this traditional type is systematic plus it is a means for the photo-artist to manage features of an image so as to supply a logical flow of the big day. Its objective is really that the connection between the pictures and individuals after the fact will help keep intact the exact emotional connection of the wedding ceremony itself.

Documentary photography is different from the traditional style because the actual documentary type is a close-up view of the wedding ceremony over a period of time. It is a photograph by photograph, frame by frame, method of documenting the wedding story. You record what has occurred from one stage to another one which includes activities within “documenting the event.”

The relevance of the documentary type of wedding photography is definitely the objectiveness of the pictures. To put it differently, the photographer’s intention on your big event is to candidly record the correct and real activities of the day while they occur. One apparent problem with this sort of photography is that the real activities for the day are taken and retold from the viewpoint of the photo-artist. Given that viewpoints change from one individual to another one, the interpretation of the photographs will never be the same for everybody. But that is ACCEPTABLE if what you want from your wedding pictures is a view of your day, one honest moment by honest moment without having specificity to the overall wedding story. Each connection with one of the photographs will make an impression on a distinctive sense on the viewer one picture taken each time. The photo shots being a collective whole will enable a combination of each feeling and a distinctive interpretation of your wedding depending on the person.


Documentary wedding photography is the traditional recording of your wedding ceremony. It is a form that can be very compelling and a distinct viewpoint of your wedding day.

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