Ebere and Felix Traditional Rights

The kind of love that is so deep sets the soul on fire and gives the heart wings to soar across the sky.

Love is really an amazing thing, witnessing Ebere and Felix traditional rights as shown the world that true love do exist, and life without love would be boring. Looking at the excitement on Ebere face was graceful, not forgetting their dance moves. I never thought love would be so interesting and fascinating, but just seeing the excitement from Ebere and Felix, gave another definition of love. Lovely attire I must say, it brought that special touch to grace the occasion.

Watch and enjoy Ebere and Felix moment as they carry out their native law.

If you are experiencing network/viewing issues, pls feel free to download this video directly from our Google Drive following these instructions

  1. Click this link to open this video on Google Drive (Note: Opens a new tab)
  2. Select the “Download” button



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