Emem and Osemare Traditional Marriage

Love is the morning to the heart covered with an endless night. Love is the sunrise and sunset, a brand new beginning for the lonesome heart. Love is the pulse, the heartbeat, the wave that keeps on flowing.

Knowing Emem and Osemare, is all that it takes to know what true love truly stand for. It stands for hope, faith, care, forgiveness, selflessness, happiness and trust. Seeing Emem and Osemare on their native attire gave the ceremony all it needs to be amazingly wonderful. Their love has no bound; I must say and it was unique to the eyes that behold it.

Watch and enjoy Emem and Osemare moment as they carry out their native law.

If you are experiencing network/viewing issues, pls feel free to download this video directly from our Google Drive following these instructions

  1. Click this link to open this video on Google Drive (Note: Opens a new tab)
  2. Select the “Download” button



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