Erere and Felix Pre-wedding

The only persons we can tell everything to, all that has unfolded during our day, and every silly things and mistakes that we had committed in the past is the one we love.

Hearing the love story of Erere and Felix was really inspiring, it made me believe that love actually comes to you, no point needed to rush things, patient is key in the love walk and Erere and Felix are the perfect match and example, watching them on their pre wedding shoot is something that any one in love can attest to as a behavioral pattern of love birds (hugging, fondling, and holding hands – even though Erere is a bit of a shy person). Their smiles were amazing, uniquely and awesome all at the same time. The world must see this. Pls tag and share to all people in love.

Watch and Enjoy Erere and Felix pre wedding moments.

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