Get 100k Promo for your Wedding when you Order my Bronze Package (only 4 spots available)

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Who I am (A brief intro)


My name is Uwaifoh Freedom and I’m a professional wedding photographer. I was born in the former Bendel (now Edo and Delta) State but raised in Warri, Delta State (Southern Nigeria). You’ll find me shuttling between these two cities quite often, but at the moment, I’m based in The Ancient City of Benin. In the past 7 years, I’ve journeyed across major cities within Nigeria creating memories for individuals and organizations that will last for a lifetime and I’ve loved every bit of it. Photography has been my passion even before I bought my first DSLR camera in 2009. Currently, I run a small firm mainly into Photography and Cinematography (Video production).

There’s a lot I could tell about me, but I wouldn’t want to bore you with all that here. I’d love to know more about you too, you can click this link to chat me up directly on Whatsapp or you can continue reading to find out why we are here.

Why we are here

Creating images is what I do, I’m here to help you capture those memories, making your event successful. You being here means that

  • You are planning your wedding soon OR…
  • You are about to get married a few weeks/months from now

Whichever it is, I’m reaching out to you in hopes of bringing to your awareness a rare opportunity that you could be interested in. When you book your Wedding coverage with us you get these bonuses all at the same price of the package. They are:

  • Free PreWedding PhotoBook
  • 100 Jotter Souvenirs
  • 12 Customized glasses for your peeps

As we all know, the cost of weddings in this day and age is on an ever-rising spree. This is why I’ve tailored an affordable package that will cover your photography and media needs. Not only will I provide you with amazing photos, don’t forget that I’ll also be bringing in over 7 years of professional experience to your event table! Without wasting more time, and before I present to you my promotional offer, let’s see what you get for your wedding/event.

What You Get with this package Originally

It’s good to find out details of every contract you enter so as to avoid short-delivery. For the quality of work that I deliver, the price is hard to beat as you wouldn’t find a similar offer elsewhere. I’ll advice you to read on to the end and learn more about the promo offers, as it’s the reason we are really here.


    • Photography
    • Drone Photography/video
    • Pre Wedding Short Film
    • Save The Date Display Picture Designs
    • Photography
    • Trad Video Documentary
    • Trad Short Video
    • Photography
    • Wedding Video Documentary
    • Drone Photography/video
    • Wedding Short Video
    • Any 2 Days (or as stated above)
    • Premium Photobook (50 Pages – size:12×24)
    • DVD – Triplicate Copy (6 DVDs, 1 master copy and 2 extras)
    • 4 Enlargement Frames (Wedding & Trad size: 12×18, Tabletop size: 8×10)
    • All Videos and Treated Pics in Pen Drive (8GB)

Now Let’s Talk About The Promo Offer

For me, if I don’t secure any bookings from the paid adverts I placed online, I’ll still get regular bookings from clients as I always do offline. You may ask “then why this?”

Well, this is my own way of taking my passion and business online and for the good of it, to the next level. I noticed a lot has changed recently since I rarely pay attention to social media and the internet in promoting my business (you might notice few followerships on my IG, SM pages and generally inactive on online platforms), this is because I get all my clients from old clients and the referral rate is high because I always strive to surpass my client’s expectations. OK, I’ve said enough already, let’s talk about what the real stuff is made of.

  • Free PreWedding PhotoBook

It doesn’t matter if you already had a pre-wedding photoshoot or we will have to shoot it, you get to keep the memories in print when you book this package with us. Now you can fondle on your cute photos while we get more done right in your budget. Please note that this service alone could set you back about N35k, but relax – you’re getting it for free.

  • 100 Hard Back Jotter Souvenirs (with pen)


This is a no brainer! You heard right, 100 hardback notes (with 100 pens) for your souvenirs! The front and back covers will be beautifully designed with pictures from your pre-wedding shoot. The souvenirs will be customized with high-quality prints making it a must-have on the list of your guests. Sorry (winks), we can only run you a hundred copies. If you’ll need more, please do let me know right away by clicking this link to begin a direct chat with me on Whatsapp or you can keep on reading to learn more about the offer. This is a premium service and it is priced at N45,000 per 100 but I’m giving you this for free, can you believe that? This offer alone is mouthwatering and is able to “sell out” my promo offer, but I’m in a good mood today, there’s more. Have I mentioned that there are only 4 spots available? Yeah, there are mainly 4 weekends on all calendar months and I never double book, so I’ll always be available to capture memories of your event.

  • 12 Customized glasses for your peeps

OK, I’ll be quick with this; the picture already did the talking. You get 12 customized glasses for your guys, goons or gang. The most interesting part is that you can choose any word to be printed on the pair of glasses aside from plainly “bride” or “groom”. It can be your names, just like I did for Esther and Ben. All 12 of this custom work of art is valued around12k. Again, if you’ll need more than 12 of these, don’t forget to hit me up on Whatsapp when you order my service.

Modification Request

If you’d love to tailor this package to suit your needs, please feel free to send me a message stating what you’ll like to modify. I’m always open to innovative ideas.


There you have it, almost 100k give-away on promo. But if you’ve read this far and we’re not chatting already, I’m surprised, something must be wrong somewhere. Maybe it’s Whatsapp, or Nigerian network (you know these people na, I don’t want to call names ooo, glo and mtn people them pls don’t ruin this moment for my clients pls) or is your battery low? Na wah oh, NEPA abi na PHCN why na… Anyhow, chat me up already and tell me about your wedding. I would also love to know you better in order to give you the best experience possible!

More about me and my works

Every wedding day is different and I love meeting new couples and seeing each wedding day unfold in front of the lens gives me joy. I have a natural eye for beauty and the ability to turn a moment into a lasting memory for my clients. To request for pictures or videos over Whatsapp please click here and it will open up the Whatsapp on your phone for a direct conversation with me. I’ll really love to hear from you so we can establish a line of communication and see where things go from there.

Find Me on Social Media

  • @hallmarkfotography

Alternatively, you can find more of my works on this site.

Safety and Guarantees

  • We are a registered company under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria
  • We have offices in Benin and Warri
  • Genuine Customer feedback and reviews
  • Over 7 years of professional experience
  • Digital invoice and receipt upon payment
  • Over 100 events delivered successfully
  • Lifetime storage space for your files on our servers and systems (100% free backup)
  • Nationwide delivery of your collectibles

Payment, Delivery deadlines and Travel Terms.

  • A 50% retainer is required to reserve our services and complete payment must be made 5days before the event.
  • We deliver all our fulfillments 2weeks after the event.
  • Long distance travel (outside 20km) will require additional expenses for hotel and transportation.
  • Longer distance will require air transportation.
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