Reportage Wedding Photography – Discover Whether It’s Perfect for You

Reportage Wedding Photography

Reportage wedding photography explains a style of photography that’s discreet, inconspicuous and candid. It’s also referred to as wedding photojournalism, or even movie wedding photography, and it is mainly suited for lovers that want the feelings and feeling of their day captured on digital camera.


In a nutshell, it works like this…

Your wedding photographer takes photos of your day, as it shows up, with minimal involvement. The problem is for him to be in right spot at the right time, so as to not lose anything necessary.

So because of this you will have to be comfy with your photographer ‘pursuing’ you around for most of the day. He should obviously be prudent over it and not interfere with anything, but you might have to make an effort to overlook him!

You do want natural photos in the end!

If you are not eager on a fly-on-the-wall method, you should likely consider many other wedding photography styles.

Now the biggest problem along with reportage wedding photography is taking the small, romantic things that normally go unnoticed. For instance, brief loving looks between the bride and groom. (I call these ‘love looks’) Or the young bridesmaids holding hands.

These are the information that really displays the magic of the day.

One more thing to consider is this kind of photojournalism needs a certain kind of character. In case your photographer is loud, brash, and draws attention to them self, he likely won’t be the best at mixing up into the background. And when looking at a reportage wedding photographer’s profile, you should also consider their character, and how that may impact on their photography on your wedding ceremony.

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Practically every pair I speak to prefer a combination of reportage wedding photography as well as traditional photos. Obviously we just can’t avoid having a couple of formal group photos!

But if you want mostly written style wedding photography, you will need to maintain your list of group photos to a least. It’s not doable to have a fantastic set of natural images, in case you give your own shooter a list of twenty group pictures to take.

Because when they’re moving on, he’s lacking all the good items! (Like the romantic moments I pointed out previously).

So ideally I advise having four to six team pictures at most.

Another stage to mention about reportage wedding photography is that is likely to work really in black and white. When there is no color in a picture, it makes you concentrate more on what’s basically happening within the picture.

Color can sometimes be obvious and draw the eyesight away from the primary subject. Black and white also produces a timeless, exciting feel. Also it really compliments pictures that show a romantic moment, making it extra unique.

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