Wedding ceremony Photography Equipment

Wedding ceremony Photography Equipment

congratulations on your wedding ceremony !!! Being asked to become a Wedding Professional photographer is a massive obligation! Somebody has trusted YOU with getting the memories of what might be the greatest day of their lifetime!


Do You Have The Right Equipment To Have The Work Accomplished?

Equipment can be a slight sensitive subject and every professional photographer is unique. Some have a preference for Canon, some other prefer Nikon. A few opt for zoom lenses, other people choose prime lenses. Plus some photographers are merely beginning and do not know what they need to have. Therefore, I have developed this post to provide an outline of the equipment I carry with me to every single wedding which I feel is important and could not live without having!


Firstly I make use of Canon equipment and ONLY utilize zoom lenses. Many my colleagues prefer to work with prime lenses and we frequently have fun fighting concerning the advantages and disadvantages of both choices and for me, I am a zoom lens type of guy.


The Challenge Of The Zoom Lens Versus The Prime Lens


Listed below are 6 extremely essential reasons why I like to use zoom lenses above prime lenses:


1 . First of all, I can capture 95% of the wedding ceremony on only two lenses.


2 . It helps you to save me from getting to take making use of 2 cameras.


  1. I feel a lot more prepared having a zoom lens to get ‘the shot’ when it presents itself in a split second.


  1. It offers the look of my pictures more range. Like, I can take the same subject even while instantly zooming in and out, plus the two images will appear totally different.


  1. It is likewise simply way faster to use, rather than going in and out, I could merely zoom in and out (within cause)


  1. And the final reason is basically, this is actually the way I mastered to capture weddings and just really feel much more at ease using zoom lenses. Yet again, everyone is unique and everyone has their personal style, so it is merely just my preferred method of shooting a wedding.


Checklist: 13 ESSENTIAL Things For Each And Every Wedding!

ALRIGHT, so this bag (LowPro Pro Roller x300 AW) comes along with me on every single shoot. Take a look at what is within:

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  1. Canon 5D MK3 (Together With Battery Grip)


My very own reliable machine! A completely wonderful camera which does all the things I want it to do to be able to shoot weddings. There are certainly better camera’s on the market, except for what I need it for, with this price variety, it is the GREATEST!


2 . Canon 5D MK2 (Back-Up Camera Body In Case)


This was my good old camera just before I advanced to the Canon 5D mk3. The ideal backup digital camera, which i hope I will never have to use!


  1. Canon 24mm – 70mm F/2.8 (Series 2)


The zoom lens I completely could not do without and the most used in my whole package. The series 2 is a big development on the series 1, giving you noticeably clearer pictures.


  1. Canon 70mm – 200mm F/2.8 IS (Series 2)


The second most employed lens inside my kit and one other which i could not do without! This zoom lens is available in two versions, along with image stabilizer and a less expensive version not having. If I could possibly offer one point of guidance, it is DEFINITELY worth forking out for your IS.


  1. Canon 100mm Macro F/2.8


I mostly use this lens for all those my detail photographs since the macro allows me get up close and personal along with the object and also present the images an excellent nice soft drop off. Try to be careful to examine your pictures on the back of your digital camera to ensure the thing which you would like to get in focus, is actually within focus. If you skip by a millimetre, your entire shot is going to be messed up!


  1. Canon 17mm – 40mm F/4


It is a fantastic lens that I employ to get hold of a great deal of my ‘epic’ shots. The vast angle is incredible and can supply you a few truly spectacular shots. Likewise great when you are taking pictures in a crowd right after the wedding ceremony and on the D-floor in the wedding reception. Personally I could not rationalize the extra $1500 for the 16mm – 35mm f/2. 8

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  1. Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Flash


I only just advanced from the 580ex and quite simply cannot tell the main difference. I am positive there are more and also better functions, but I simply work with it on ETTL and bounce the light all over. Works flawlessly as did the 580ex.


  1. Extra Camera Batteries


At all times carry extra batteries along with you to every wedding ceremony! Fortunately, I have never had to make use of them still as I constantly charge my batteries the previous night, but nevertheless for the reassurance it is really worth having.


  1. Canon Battery Charger


Furthermore, I have never had to make use of this on a wedding ceremony yet because everything is previously charged, however, it is good to have in the event you have to do some urgent charging. Keep in mind that using the battery grip, you can charge one battery while still being in a position to photograph with the other in your grip.


  1. Extra AA Batteries And Battery Charger For Speedlite Flash


Currently, these are most likely more necessary than the extra digital camera batteries. I discovered I am far more likely to go out of flash power, particularly on the longer days, therefore, an extra set of fully charged AA’s is essential!


  1. Card Folder Having 1x 8gig, 2x 16gig And 1x 32gig SanDisk Memory Cards


To tell the truth, I should basically have one more card in my set. I find it is most effective to have 1 card for every distinct segment of the day, bridegroom coverage, bride coverage, wedding ceremony, areas and wedding reception. That way, in case worst case situation, you end up having a corrupt card, you have merely lost a part of the day, not the ENTIRE day!!


  1. Small Baggie With Lens Cloth As Well As Elinchrom Flash Trigger On The Inside


I find it simply great to have a little handbag to place random small things inside.


  1. Business Cards!!


Often considering marketing, so share your business cards!!

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Things I Take To Offer My Pictures That Added Punch!


So besides everything that is in the camera bag, just a few additional things help make it on the list too! These items are not important however, I still prefer to take them to every wedding ceremony so I can make use of them if I need to.


  1. Elinchrom Quadra – An incredible 400 watt convenient studio flash device that is totally simple to use and carry. It also lets me take some of the pictures shown below. This flash has really helped me define my ‘style’ as a wedding photographer and i also use it at nearly every wedding. Remember, I do not use assistants or second shooters on a wedding event, but still very easily manage to use this flash without having any problems. Below is a link to the Elinchrom Quadra official website if you wish to read more regarding it.


  1. Dido Video Light – It is an excellent awesome warm light which i use nearly at every wedding party to produce really moody photos. I make use of the light generally throughout the morning coverage at the grooms residence and brides home, occasionally at receptions to obtain a bit of sparkle in the course of the dancing, and if we head over to any kind of bars or clubs on locations. Performs a treat!! Read the effect below.


  1. My Reliable Small Step Ladder – I personally use this 95% of times for the group photograph of all of the guests after the wedding. Just a bit of an inconvenience to carry as well as travel with since it occupies a decent amount of room in a vehicle, but an invaluable piece of equipment if you are doing group photographs. Without having it, you might be trapped standing on a chair, which does not provide you the height you may need, or even searching for a tree to climb.


  1. Finally – this is not precisely something you have to take with you, however something really worth preparing, always have more than enough petrol in your car to help you get through the day.


Thanks a lot for reading!


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