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Pre-Wedding Film and other Deliverables for your wedding

This list of post-wedding deliverable is a must-know for every couple. Depending on the vendor and the services they offer, there are different products offered by wedding vendors ranging from catering, decoration and clothing accessories down to photography and media coverage. It comprises of deliverable items for the Wedding Project, undertaken by a specific vendor in the Wedding project team.

Pre Wedding Video Short Film

Pre-wedding films are a wonderful way to showcase whom you are, the things you love, or the story of how you met your fiance/fiancee to every one of your relatives, close friends, and invitees. It is very common to get your wedding filmed, however , have you considered a pre-wedding video to show friends and relations to get them thrilled about the forthcoming wedding day? We provide a number of pre-wedding films integrating Love Story Videos, Save The Date Concept, and Pre Event Thriller Films. We believe that Pre-wedding videos ought to display your individuality, tell a story, or be very entertaining for family and friends to watch.

What is Pre Wedding and WHy You need One
Pre-wedding films are short videos that focus on all the sweet memories that brought about the wedding day.

The main reason behind the long-lasting reputation of present-day pre wedding photography is the fact it helps couples revisit or re-enjoy the most unforgettable memories of their lives. Do you really want to make your wedding day more prominent than ever before? Do you want to catch fun-focused, emotional and most memorable moments of your life? If you do, then it is advisable to look for the right Pre-wedding videographer, this is the reason why we set up this blog – to reach you, so get in touch with us. Generally, most to-be-couple prefers opting for the two options.
They like to get their pre wedding shoot in motion (video or film)
and additionally in still photos.

Therefore, this shouldn’t confusion concerning deciding on the type of memories to make, either video or photograph.


Wedding Invitation Film

We will create interesting, romantic, and exceptional pre-wedding videos that will keep your friends and family talking about your wedding reception for many days to come. You could also use your pre-wedding film as an exclusive “Save the Date” wedding invitation. We are pleased to cater to any requests for your big day.

In the event that you are a camera-shy person, a pre-wedding video will give you a great deal of time to get accustomed to smiling naturally and acting cool in front of a live production camera. We could also help out in finding your best facial angle, correct your poses, and work with the still photographer for the most natural and shy-free expressions.

We will build the pre-wedding story around how you both first met, the characters and traits that drew you both closer to each other, and the things you and your spouse often love to do. This can be just about anything from an intimate dinner, to going out to your favorite spots. The film will capture all the romantic memories you both share with each other, shy gazes, charming embrace, and blushing cheeks.

As much as filming pre-wedding films go, on the average, it may last anywhere from 3 to 6hours. Quite often, we shoot at many different locations, making use of the places of your choice. The films will be shot exclusively about you both; it happens to be your love story after all!

pre-wedding film invitation design

Save The Date DP Designs after Pre Wedding Shoots

Make customized and exclusive save the dates. You’ve selected a particular date for your big day. Now it is time to inform the key people in your life to save it only for you with a “save the date” DP design that reflects the way you feel about the coming wedding, party or festive occasion.

Save-the-dates are usually sent out 2 months prior to the wedding, and wedding invites are delivered 4 weeks prior to the date assigned. This important piece of information is the is the first opportunity you will have to set the tone for your marriage ceremony, and it enables your guests to begin preparations ahead!

Wedding Short Film

Your wedding day is one of the most essential and remarkable times you may never have again. Having said that, not all of your friends or family members will have as much time as 3 -4 hours to dedicate in watching those beautiful memories of yours. This is where the highlight of your event comes in. We will make a short Film that highlights all the best clips from your wedding and edit it into a short Film. This will very well allow for uploading to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram because the file size is relatively small.

This deliverable will also be included in a USB Flash drive that we deliver to our clients – depending on the package of choice. However, the full-length video detailing the whole activity for that day will be burned to a DVD disc. Up till recent times, DVD still remains one of the safest ways to store and rejuvenate Your Wedding memories, but Flash drives are more technologically advanced and can be played on your HD TV, most DVD player with USB function, your laptop PC and a host of other devices with USB functionality – due to its uncompressed format and large disk size, however, be aware that they are prone to virus attacks.

Wedding Photobook

We Produce the best photo book that displays the stunning photos from your big day with elegance and splendor. Give your valued wedding photos a home of their own. Our hand-crafted wedding photo book is constructed of premium quality built to last longer.

Full Event in Pen Drive

USB Flash Drive For Wedding Photos. Sweet Memory:

Video Full Documentary in Triplicate Copy DVD

DVDs are excellent, they were innovative when they succeeded our ancient VHS tapes and the majority of us probably have an assortment of scratched disks spread throughout the house.

Even though most of us now make use of streaming services such as Netflix and also YouTube for video content, Dvd videos still have their place generally in most homes. We aren’t tossing them out at this time, but like the majority of other things, technology evolves very fast.

Wedding Enlargement

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