Wedding photography/pictures needn’t be only about the wedding reception and the ceremony. In fact, the records of your wedding ceremony can begin as soon as your engagement! Talk to your wedding photographer to see if you are able to negotiate a package to add most of the other necessary memories in the run up to your wedding ceremony, and even on your honeymoon vacation.

A current trend in sneaky plans involves a covered photographer waiting around to take the reactions of the bride-to-be as the girl spouse pops the question. These types of genuine shots are able to record such a unique, emotional moment that you would never have the ability to copy if you posed while watching digital camera! Another less covert method for the newly engaged is to arrange an engagement photograph. These photo portraits can provide three purposes:


1) It is a lovely strategy to celebrate your wedding and hopefully you will come out with some amazing shots of you as a loved-up partner!


2) It is an opportunity to ‘road-test’ your wedding photographer just before the occasion to see how well you interact, if you are pleased with the results and wish to go ahead with reserving them for your wedding day.


3) Wedding pictures work wonderfully as ‘save the date’ cards or even as a photo on your wedding invitations. You could also utilize these photos to beautify your reception venue.


Some married couples also invite their photographer together to their hen as well as best events (or at least to the starting of the night, when things are still civilized!) as a way to capture the fun and fancy dress before the wedding ceremony. These works very well if you are taking a themed hen or stag do, or in case you are taking part in a unique activity such as karaoke or even paintballing.


When the day of the wedding ceremony finally arrives, you will want your wedding photographer to be with you right from the moment you start your plans so that the lens can record all the small details that make your days so unique. Numerous wedding photographers operate in teams to ensure that one photographer can be with the husband and one with the woman before the wedding ceremony. However tradition dictates that the bride and groom ought not to see one another before the wedding ceremony, some partners get around this ‘rule’ by staging secret pictures together whereby they are still unable to see one another. You could pose either side of a window, door or even walls, or possibly steal a kiss while blindfolded! Enjoy your wedding photos and work together with your photographer to create some creative ideas.

Your photographer will hopefully be skilled enough to know exactly what memories and details to shoot all through your wedding ceremony and reception, and may use a range of styles, from traditional to candid. One other latest trend is the wedding photo booth – a staged place complete with props, accessories and a background where visitors can pose for a hilarious set of photos that capture the fun and joy of your day.

And the photos don’t have to stop simply because your wedding ceremony is over! Some brides prefer to book a ‘trash the dress’ or ‘cherish the dress’ photo shoot after their own wedding, so as to obtain a few more unique photos of their beautiful gown. In the end, you only get to wear it once! Trash the gown photo shoots are when a new bride poses in a range of areas that you’d never usually see in traditional wedding photography – for instance she could be jumping into a pool or the sea, or lying on the floor or in the sand. It does not matter if the gown gets ‘trashed’, in fact that is half the fun of these types of shoots! Value the dress indicates the opposite – the new bride gets to pose again in her gown, but every care is taken to keep it clean and perfect.


Many wedding photographers are also able to visit you on your vacation so that you can increase your wedding album to include a few exotic and happy photos of you taking pleasure in your new life as a wedded couple. In case you are getting married overseas, then increasing your wedding photography package to include an additional photo shoot after the wedding ceremony is a wonderful way to make the most of your special area.

Regardless of what kind of wedding photography you select, it’s an excellent idea to think outside the traditional limits and really make your wedding album something unique.

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