Why Wedding Photography Remains Useful

Wedding Photography Remains Useful

Wedding photography is an exciting trend to study. It (marriage photography) revolves round the taking of photos in the period just before the wedding celebration, during the marriage occasion itself, and in the parties that tend to follow the wedding event.


The thought of wedding photography dates back to the early 19th century, when with the creation of the digital camera, it became possible to take photos. Before that, rich married couples could sometimes commission the nearby artist to paint photos of them as they looked during their marriage day, but this was mostly for the very rich, and the very emotional. It was something that ‘normal’ married couples could easily afford to do without during their wedding ceremonies. To be sure, depictions of their wedding ceremonies were things many married couples would have treasured. But in just as much as there was no way of having them done, nicely, they just let them be.


Hence when it became possible to take photos of marriages, a lot of people cherished the chance. And also with time, wedding photography proceeded to become part of the wedding traditions – just like the marriage cake, the white gown, the bridal procession and so forth.


It was, certainly, not only in the wedding arena that ‘traditions’ were having root. Past the wedding arena, customs were developing in other areas of our everyday life. What is important today, though, is the fact that a lot of people today have left the traditions that took hold in that era when marriage photography was acquiring root. That, in addition, was also the age of commercial trend. A lot of things of that age have already been ‘overtaken by time’ so that they are no longer useful, or so we reason.



Still wedding photography remains. Why then is wedding photography still useful? Why is that even ‘modern’ newlyweds, who look down upon everything traditional still endure the photographer at their wedding ceremonies? Isn’t he part of the custom we are so much working hard to ‘rid ourselves of? ‘


It would seem that the major reason why the wedding photography custom is still useful is simply because it is a ‘reasonable tradition’ – one whose goal is clear to anyone. Thus although a lot of  partners won’t view the purpose of draping the bride-to-be in a white gown as though she were a virgin, or the need for very fancy processions to the marriage venue, a lot of people still see very clearly the function of wedding photography. For wedding photography allows a way through which the married couple can have photos of the ‘wedding event’ taken and kept for offspring.


Whatever the case may be, marriage photography simply being more or less a ‘technological tradition’ – one that tends to make use of devices such as camera, there is really no risk of it coming across as out of place, even in modern-days ‘advanced wedding. ‘ Certainly, the point that marriage photography is generally a ‘wedding tradition’ dating back to the early days after the creation of the digital camera is something many of us are yet to be mindful of. We would rather see wedding photography as a practical part of wedding ceremony; a part that serves a specific purpose – and not just as a ‘tradition


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