Wedding Preparation – Optimize your own Wedding Photography Investment

Wedding Ceremony Preparation

Preparation and timings are important for your wedding ceremony. Planning the timings of your wedding photographer is important to get the top out of your wedding photography package deal investment decision; this is something you need to micro manage to a level.

An experienced qualified photographer must plan timings together with you because second nature, like light differs in direction based on the time of year, sunset times vary, the moon, the wave and the quantity of twilight. This is yet another signal showing how experienced your photographer is. If the photographer that you are employing does not go into micro timing information, you have to voice a few point with them. Key timings need to perform around the photography to make sure that you get the very best from your wedding photography.


What your timings need to include


  1. Bridesmaid Preparations and Photographer arrival time. You need not less than one hour of photography coverage


  1. Journey time from new bride area to Groom location


  1. Groomsmen arrangements or waiting at venues shots timing


If digital photography will be carried out where the Groom is getting prepared, you ought to allow for 1 hour for digital photography. The photographer and also the Groom will have to leave sufficient time to travel to the Wedding ceremony venue and arrive one hr before the Wedding ceremony start up time. Or In case the Bridegroom reaches the Wedding ceremony location the photographer must be there at least One hour before the wedding ceremony start up time. This provides them time to photograph the Groom and Groomsmen and also to recheck the area.



  1. Bride arrival time Professional photographer ought to be waiting where you will drive up to


  1. Wedding ceremony starts and end time


  1. Group photos start and finish times Journey time


  1. Location Digital photography timing to and fro Travel time


  1. Wedding reception time, right after they expect you to be there to enter or for pre wedding reception drinks.


You may also need to transfer your wedding ceremony time ahead or backwards half an hour, ensuring that you end up with 1 hr photography time from whenever you get to your photographic area. Then leave sufficient traveling time to arrive at the wedding reception on time, the wedding reception venue will need to be aware of this particular time. It’s also necessary for a few limo businesses as many don’t have time contingencies and also have to be elsewhere after your own booking. I have seen a wedding ceremony run late and also the limo company had absolutely no time backup, this meant no location for photography after the wedding ceremony. The easiest way to prepare a wedding ceremony schedule to capitalize on your photography, and also to prevent running out of light, time, or both, would be to start with the Sunset time as well as work backwards. Many people avoid considering actual journey times/period and this messes up their plans.




  1. Wedding reception arrival time, with this example it would end up being 6:30pm-

It is now time you need to hire the cars until finally


  1. Journey time to get to wedding reception: -20min to 30min the perfect way to determine travel times is Where or the use of Google Maps. Also think about when there will be high traffic or even road works
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  1. Sunset – 6pm


  1. Area for Photography – 5pm to 6pm


  1. Travel period from wedding ceremony venue to Photography Area – 4:30pm to 4:50pm


  1. Friends and family Group photos – 3pm to 4pm for huge groups


  1. Best Wedding ceremony Time – 2:30pm for 30min wedding ceremony


  1. Professional photographer and Bridegroom entrance time at wedding ceremony venue – 1:30pm


  1. Travel time from Wedding Preparation to wedding location – 1pm to 1:30pm


  1. Bridal Preparation Digital photography – 12pm to 1pm


Bridesmaids have to be dressed up to be and made up by 12pm new bride needs to be having make-up last touches

The make-up as well as hair stylists must be directed that they are to be done at this time, in this example 12pm, no exceptions, their lateness will simply kick on throughout the day and effect everyone and anything else. If they run late you are going to miss out on getting the best of your preparation photography and you won’t get many set photos.


Skilled wedding photographers, as part of their own service plan should instantly show up with timings that could work the very best, to capitalize on your photography deal investment decision. They ought to get everything into account, which includes weather conditions several days out from your date, tides (if suitable), sunset and the moon period. This is to make sure that you have a pressure free, unhurried day and also rest.


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